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Makeup Book Tag


Hello starry readers!

Today I bring you a book tag. This time around is the makeup book tag.

I might be a book worm but I also consider myself a makeup junkie. I love to get creative in a fun way using makeup to bring out the best features in me. I watch to many makeup tutorials on Youtube and get ideas to use later when I go out or to work.

I came across this book tag on Youtube. I don’t know who the original creator of the tag is but if you do know please let me know so I can give proper credit.

Let’s not keep you waiting and get with the book tag.


PRIMER: Pick a book that left a lasting impression


The Fault in our Stars by John Green
This book is one of my favorites of all time. It left me a lasting impression just because it gave me a massive book hangover before I knew that was a thing.

FOUNDATION: Pick your favorite first book in a series


Legend by Marie Lu
I just love this series! I remember staying up all night reading this book. Fast paced, action packed and one of my favorites OTP in it. What is not to love about this book and series?

CONCEALER: Pick a character you wish you could get rid of


Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix by JK Rowling
Dolores Umbridge. Pretty much everybody hates this bitch.

POWDER: Pick your favorite last book in a series


Where She Went by Gayle Forman
This is a duology but I’m putting it here. I read this one in a day. I was so into the story and Adam and Mia that I couldn’t stop reading it. I really love this couple.

EYEBROWS: A book that you think everyone should read


This Song Will Save Your Life by Leila Sales
This book was so surprisingly good I will throw it to everyone I meet so they can read it. Truth, friendship and music. It’s just like Madeleine George said; “A sweet, funny story about finding yourself in a crowd, owning your talents, and rocking out on the dance floor of life”
Love this book. One of my all time favorites.

EYESHADOW: Pick a book that has your favorite colors on the cover


Glitter by Aprilynne Pike
This book is not out yet but LOOK AT THAT COVER!!!! So beautiful and totally has some of my favorite colors in it. It is such an interpretation of the story inside that I can’t wait to get my hands on it when it comes out.

EYELINER: Pick a dark and mysterious book


Anna Dressed in Blood by Kendare Blake
Have to admit I haven’t read it yet but I own it and probably will read it this fall season. Don’t you love to read mysterious and eerie books in the fall season?

MASCARA: Pick a long book


Winter by Marissa Meyer
The final installment in the Lunar Chronicles is 800+ pages long! I still haven’t read it yet *cries* (please no spoilers) and I’m afraid that when I finally get it I will be scared to read it not only because it’s the finale of one of my favorite series but also because of the size of it. Let’s see when I do. I’ll let you know.

BLUSH: Pick a book that had some cringe worthy romance


Every Day by David Levithan
First of all let me say that I love this book, the characters, everything. But I think that what makes this a cringe worthy romance between Rhiannon and A is the fact that A changes body everyday. Skinny, fat, white, black, latino, short, tall, even a girls body. It is actually a story of loving someone for who that person is instead of the physical.

HIGHLIGHTER: Pick a book that brightened your day


All the Bright Places by Jennifer Niven
The title says it. Even though the story deals with mental illnesses and suicide. The love story between Finch and Violet is one that I would love to have and was one the reasons I kept reading this story. My Review/Discussion of the book HERE.

LIPSTICK: Your favorite book kiss


The Wrath and the Dawn by Renne Adieh
It’s hard to pick just one because I really get into the relationships that happen in the books but this time I’ll say The Wrath and the Dawn just because I ship Shazi & Khalid so hard I haven’t rooted for a couple in a long time. (Haven’t read The Rose and The Dagger yet so please no spoilers)


I tag…Everyone who want to do it.

Which book mentioned here have you read? Are you also a makeup junkie? Let’s talk about it!

Love & Stars



8 thoughts on “Makeup Book Tag

  1. I’m not a make-up junkie and I’ve only read Legend (and loved it) and The Fault in Our Stars (surprisingly loved it too), but this tag sounds like so much fun! I might have to give it a try and schedule it for sometime around this month! Loved it! Great post!

    L. @ Leeve Readsā™„

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