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Life Update


Hello starry readers!

It’s been a while since I last posted something here or being connected in social media at all.

I think that it’s time for me to start making some baby steps towards getting ahead so I’m giving you an update on what’s going on in my life.

One of the reasons why I was away is because I found myself in a big reading slump. I was in the middle of reading Empire of Storms by Sarah J. Maas when it came to me. I stopped reading one day and didn’t pick it up almost 3 months later.

In October, in the meantime, I was trying to get myself out of the slump by reading Zombies vs Unicorns edited by Holly Black & Justin Labalestier. It includes 12 short stories so I thought of reading one a day so I don’t overwhelm myself reading but 3 stories in and I put the book down and haven’t picked it up yet.

Other book that I tried to read was the first book the Percy Jackson series (I know, I’m late for the party, lol) and I got to the part that everything was starting to really happen and I didn’t keep reading.

At this point I’m here with 3 books that I started and no plan in sight to finish them and the sad thing about it is that I really enjoyed all those books! These are really AMAZING reads.

Later in December I did get out of the slump and finished Empire of Storms and OMG!!!

I have read other books and been very happy with them. Currently I’m reading Before I Fall by Lauren Oliver which I’m planning on reviewing.

Obviously the reading slump didn’t start just because, there have been personal issues that have help to all this.

Personally I have been dealing with some stuff that had left me feeling not feeling my best. To say the least 2016 was a challenging one for me. It was one of me trying to get myself back up and something putting me down almost instantly.

Since the beginning of last year I have been trying to stay positive and see the light at the end of the tunnel but I think I just gave out. It takes a toll on you when your trying your hardest to stay positive and see the good in everything but destiny just don’t want it that way.

Also I have been thinking a lot about me as a person and what I have accomplished in my life. The truth is that I feel that I haven’t done anything with my life. That I’m a 28 year old woman that doesn’t have her life together yet and honestly I am dead scared that I never will. That every time I look back on my life and see the people around me that have accomplished so much in such little time and me that I’m “older” than them haven’t done nothing at all.

I’m sure I’m going through a crisis but somehow I can’t stop thinking about it and also add all the things I am still going through.

I just needed inspiration and motivation again to do everything that I love and be able to move forward in my life.

Right in this moment I’m starting to get the motivation I need to move forward. It’s just baby steps.

I have been thinking of writing about other things in here that don’t necessarily have to do with books but..
1. I don’t know if you guys would like to read them.
2. I don’t know what I would write about.

Any recommendations from you guys is welcomed.

Thanks for reading this and most of all being patient. It felt good to actually leave it out into the world the hardest things in life.



2 thoughts on “Life Update

  1. Just yesterday, I was thinking about this blog and that you were MIA. I miss reading your reviews. Never be afraid of expressing yourself and if you need to cry for help, as Shia Labeouf says “JUST DO IT!” Believe me, we are all on the same boat just different circumstances. Miss you, hugs. By the way I got back on track with continuing the Harry Potter series (remember that I told you about this? from the 5th book on I never read them). So talk about being late for the party LOL
    PS we still have due a date at The Bookmark store. You know how it is… Life happens = shit happens!

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