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Discussions in the book community


Hello starry readers!

Lately in the book community there have been a million discussion post about any given situation that happens in the world and that is great. Talking about social things that might (in one way or another) affect us is good. But what I don’t like in these discussions is the attack of someone that thinks the total opposite of you.

The moment someone who wholeheartedly believes in a topic of discussion reads that someone else thinks the other way around, not only to they stand their point trying to convince you that their way of thinking is the right one, if they see that it’s not working and you still think the same they attack you for it. Attack you for simply having your own peace of mind about the topic. The attacks I have read in the last couple of months have been so brutal that sometimes when I’m reading them I’m thinking; What happened to having your own opinion? To have respectful conversations about our opinions?

What about stating your case, agree to disagree and keep on with the friendship? Or if you see that you just can’t connect with that person get away and bee happy with your life. Why attack?

That also goes to attacking authors for whatever reason you think they are doing wrong. I’ve seen the horrible attacks to authors and it’s frustrating to see. Again if you don’t agree with an author on something or just plain don’t like the author books, just stop reading said author. State your case (you are still entitled to an opinion) and stop supporting the author. But don’t attack them or the readers that will still support them.

It looks stupid to advocate against hate comments and stuff and still be the first one to attack when someone don’t think the same way you do. That is still hate and you look like a hypocrite. Bringing negativity into someone else’s life is not cool.

These constant attacks have made a lot of people (me included) to be afraid of having an opinion and having their voice heard. So many people have decided to not talk about what they believe in because they are afraid that they might get attack for having a voice. That is not right, everybody in entitled to an opinion whether you like it or not. You wouldn’t like to get attack for saying what you think, why do it to others? Think about that the next time you plan on going off to someone.

It’s been frustrating to read all the hate and attack I have seen in the book community. I remember the community to be a fantastic one. I’ve meet very good people from the community since I joined last July and when I see all of the insults from one another it just makes me sad and frustrated that the community that I love and have greeted me with open arms is somehow crumbling.

We are all adults here so let’s start by acting like one and having conversations in a respectful manner. Everybody will be happy at the end.

Thanks for reading and let me know what you think of this commotion in the last couple of months.



2 thoughts on “Discussions in the book community

  1. I have some very similar thoughts. I have seen so much hostility, and I think that people are taking things too far. It’s one thing to write your own review and share your opinion of why you disliked a book or trend, and its another thing to attack those who think differently. People view fiction on different levels: for some, fiction represents real issues and possible solutions. For others, fiction is a way to escape these real issues. For people like me, its a mix of both, depending on the book! It seems simple to me, but I guess I’m in the minority, or at least a silent majority, here.

    There have been many times I’ve wanted to share these thoughts, but I’m afraid of being attacked for not following the hive-mind, group-think that’s been going on. I don’t attack these people for their opinion, why should they attack me for mine? I’m gonna stop here before this gets rant-y, haha.

    Great post! Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

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    1. Thanks for your comment!
      For me books are a way to escape the real world but sometimes one comes comes along where it makes me think. It’s normal and one the best things about literature.

      But if I read something that I don’t stand for or don’t like about the author, what do I win by attacking them? They will still be bestselling authors.
      I’m a true believer in freedom of speech. You have your opinion and I have been and we still get along. Isn’t that just freaking beautiful?

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts about it. Don’t be afraid to talk about what you believe in. If you start doubting yourself about it you can come to me to talk.


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