Review Policy

Hi there authors and publishers! My name is Lucy and welcome to Starry Cloud Reads.

At the moment I am accepting request for book reviews. If you would like your book to be reviewed in Starry Cloud Reads please keep reading.

Starry Cloud Reads is mainly a Young Adult book blog. However I would accept New Adult & Middle Grade books.

Under the Young Adult genre I accept;

• Romance / Chick Lit
• Contemporary
• Fantasy
• Dystopian
• Sci-Fi
• Historical Fiction
• Paranormal
• Thriller / Mystery

*** Because of personal reasons I do not accept books that the main plot, secondary and/or minor character deals with the Alzheimer disease. Hope you can accept and understand that.

I accept books in paperback form only. I do not accept eBooks at the moment. The reason is I don’t own any type of eReader and don’t like to read books on my phone or computer. The moment I do own one and are ready to accept eBooks the policy will be updated stating it.

Understand that my reviews are 100% honest so I ask that authors & publishers to have an open mind when requesting a review.

If I accept your book, I will make it a priority to read and review it. I understand that you took your time to send the book to me and I appreciate it so the least thing I could do is to review it. But keep in mind I’m a real person and I have a job and a house to tend to so depending of the type of book the review will be up.

• If the book is an ARC the review will be up around publication date. If you want an specific date please note it in the email.

• If the book is already published the review will be up around 3 to 4 weeks.

The moment the review will be up in the blog I will send an email with the link to the author and/or publisher. Links to the review post will be added to my Goodreads, Twitter & Tumblr account. If you would like the review to be linked in other website please request it in the email.

Review Rating

5/5 stars: This books is life!!!
4/5 stars: Loved it
3/5 stars: Liked it
2/5 stars: I have read better
1/5 stars: Would not recommend

If you would like to request your book for review or have any other question send me an email to